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Over the years, we have developed a great working relationships with many manufacturers within our industry. Our product representatives have always supported our clients to the fullest extent. This is partially because they value their partnership with us. They know that our skilled designers, programmers, and installers make their top-of-the-line products look and work the best they possibly can.
Digital Smart Homes offers a wide variety of product lines to fit any number of situations. This gives us a unique ability to find the perfect product to fit your needs. Below are links to the manufacturer's sites of some of the lines that we carry
Home Smart Home Magazine
Home Smart Home is the publication that brings you the latest trends in home control solutions and smart devices. Read features and stories about people and places all over the world that have been transformed by automation. Get your FREE version of the latest issue here!

SPRING 2017 Issue

Check out this issue’s light-tastic features. One of our resident experts lays out some key tricks of the trade for using smart lighting to optimize a staged home. We also visit an art gallery where smart lighting helps create the most brilliant colors you’ll ever see on a canvas! And in Dallas, take a hotel elevator all the way to the top to experience a presidential suite with no less than seventeen lighting zones. We shine a light on two incredible residences in London: one a house with impeccable interior design and the other a condominium complex where every unit comes with automated VIP treatment. Then, explore the unique architecture and design of a three-level South African home, marvel at the jaw-dropping beauty of a resort at the very tip of the Baja California peninsula, and scope out the new showroom at the hottest custom car garage in America.
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We are an ethical firm where buyers and sellers can trust each other.
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A CEDIA Certificated firm offers you the finest in custom electronic residential design and installation ... and peace of mind.
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As a Control4 Premier Dealer, we are uniquely qualified to make your life Everyday Easy.