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Why a Smart Home is a Smart Idea.
It’s Easy to be Eco with Control4.

Control4 allows you to combine high tech with positive environmental impact, not only giving you control of your home, but also, making it easy to conserve precious resources like energy, water, and time. By organizing the different systems in your home to work together, Control4 provides effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience and peace of mind—making Everyday Easy. With access to your entire home from touch panels, TVs or a remote web connection, Control4’s affordable and easy-to-use products allow you to manage your home theater, multi-room music, smart lighting, temperature and security. Everyone can be green conscious because Control4 can significantly reduce your energy consumption without compromising your lifestyle. Both wired and wireless solutions can be installed in new construction as well as in existing homes giving any homeowner the power to be green.
10 Tips for Going Green
- Use a Control4 programmable Thermostat to implement temperature set-back
• Heating and cooling account for about 56% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, making it the largest energy expense for most homes1
• By setting the thermostat back 10°–15°, homeowners can save about 5%–15%2

2 - Reduce maximum level on dimmable loads
Dimming the light this much: 25%, Saves this much energy: 20%, And extends your bulb life by: 4x

3 - Use sunset and sunrise events to turn outside lights on and off
• Saves energy by ensuring outside lights are turned off at sunrise

4 - Create a “green button” to put the house into “green mode”
• Link programming to a keypad button to increase thermostat setback level, dim lighting loads, and switch off wireless outlet modules to eliminate parasitic (standby) power drain
• Use LED color to indicate current level of power savings/consumption: red for high consumption, orange for moderate consumption, and green for low consumption
• A “vacation mode” can be programmed on another button to maximize savings when away from the home (set maximum thermostat setback, turn off all lights and appliances, arm alarm system, etc.)

5 - Use 4Sight Web Navigator to minimize energy consumption while away

• Lights can be turned off from anywhere in the world
• Thermostat can be set back while away and returned to normal programming when returning home

6 - Program bathroom lights and fans to turn off after a set time delay
• When the bathroom light and fan are turned on, set a 5 minute timer and turn them off automatically when the timer expires
• As an added bonus, a fan timer can be used as a reminder to finish showering, saving water and energy

7 - Tie outside lights to motion sensors to only turn on when needed
• Use motion sensors to program outside security lights to turn on only when needed

8 - Implement occupancy sensing using motion detectors
• Use motion sensors to turn off loads when rooms are vacant
• For convenience, use motion sensors and the system’s nighttime awareness to implement lighting pathways to safely light the way into the house

9 - Install motorized shades to block afternoon sun
• Use a temperature sensor or set programming relative to current sunset
• Reduces cooling bill and increases comfort

10 - Select energy-efficient components
• Control4’s 4-zone amplifier consumes only 2 watts in standby mode
Conserving energy isn’t just good for your conscience and the environment, it’s good for your pocketbook too! Control4 gives you the power to be green by helping you manage lighting and temperature control in your home.
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