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Kaleidescape Media Server
Kaleidescape's goal is to deliver a home entertainment experience that is beyond expectations. The Kaleidescape System is a movie server that has changed the way movies and music are collected and enjoyed in a home, yacht or private jet. The Kaleidescape System combines a compelling user interface, an outstanding industrial design, and services that set new standards in the consumer electronics industry.
Now you can simplify the way you collect, manage and enjoy your movies and music — with the Kaleidescape System. It will store and automatically organize your collections, for fast, easy access. Browse your collections using the system's innovative, intuitive interface. Make a selection. Press PLAY. And then sit back and relax. Movies and music can be instantly delivered to any room in your house, at any time.

Want to hear some music? The Kaleidescape System lets you quickly select and play any album or track. You can also make customized Mix Albums. Enjoy your selections in order, or let the Kaleidescape System be your programmer. While you're listening, learn more about the music you love with expert reviews provided by Kaleidescape's Music Guide Service. Want to take your music wherever you go? No problem. Sync your Kaleidescape music to iTunes on your PC or to your iPod.
Whether you're watching a movie or listening to music, the Kaleidescape System is designed to provide you with the highest quality experience. Movies and music are imported and stored without compressing video or audio — the quality is never compromised.
The Kaleidescape System is expandable to accommodate additional rooms and your growing collections; it is a robust system that you can rely on, featuring a unique RAID-K storage solution to protect your content. So the show will always go on. Contact us to experience the Kaleidescape System
Get Started...
The Kaleidescape Mini System is a compact and affordable movie server. It installs as easily as an ordinary DVD player, and comes with everything you need to get started.
The Kaleidescape System expands to accommodate collections of thousands of DVDs and CDs. You can add more Disk Cartridges to your server, and when it's full, add additional servers.
Add more rooms...
Enjoy your entertainment collection throughout your home by adding additional players. Each player operates independently, so your entire family has access to your entire collection.
Conserving energy isn’t just good for your conscience and the environment, it’s good for your pocketbook too! Control4 gives you the power to be green by helping you manage lighting and temperature control in your home.
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Different, beautiful and full of quality sound. The whole range of products from Scandyna represents a lifestyle signalling courage and taste.
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