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At Last - Advanced DSP for Multi-Zone Audio

ADX matrix switchers provide 10-band equalization per zone. We are excited to present ADX switchers with advanced DSP options, cutting edge control, and compact design. ADX promises to bring audiophile enjoyment to every zone.

Broadly Compatible
Open control architecture allows ADX to be controlled by any third party controller (Control4, RTI, URC, etc) using the simple commands listed in the ADX user manual. Drivers will soon be available for major control systems. ADX IR codes are available now on Audio Authority’s website.


  • 8x8 or 16x16 configurations
  • ZQ™ 10-band, multi-zone EQ
  • ExpressRamp™ volume control
  • Tone and balance controls
  • Ethernet, RS-232, and IR control
  • PC configuration utility (see below)
  • Compatible with Control4, URC, RTI
  • Rack ears included

PC Setup Utility
  • Use the Windows utility to define zone names, source names, groups, and favourites.
  • The utility can interface with the ADX directly via Ethernet or serial connection. A config file can also be transferred via USB drive.

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