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Introducing several new products to enhance the Control4 experience

Control4 is excited to introduce the EA Series of Entertainment and Automation Controllers! Representing the next-generation platform for smart home innovation, they feature high-resolution audio, high-performance automation and industry-leading interoperability. The EA Series controllers and an all-new 10” tabletop touch screen are shipping now!

The Ultimate Smart Home Experience. Crisp, clear high-resolution audio and the horsepower to connect and automate hundreds of devices in the largest of homes.

Designed to deliver the premier multi-room music experience throughout the small to mid-sized home.

Entertainment Bundle
Smart entertainment for every TV, the EA-1 and SR-260 Entertainment Bundle, an affordable smart entertainment experience that connects and automates all audio and video devices with a single remote.

Tabletop Touch Screen
Reimagined from the ground up with a gorgeous industrial design and high-resolution graphics. The new T3 Series 10" Tabletop Touch Screen feels incredibly comfortable in your hands while also providing dedicated control over the entire home.

Moving away from Flash, the new EA Series line delivers a beautiful, new home screen running on Android. The EA Series controllers deliver a faster, more responsive on-screen experience and an all-new modern, horizontal layout on the home screen.

OS 2.8.1 also delivers new icons that more accurately represent entertainment devices in the Watch menu. If a homeowner has an Apple TV, they see an Apple TV icon. The new Roku driver also makes it easy to jump right to Netflix, Hulu or any of the other channels.

Controller Migration Wizard
OS 2.8.1 introduces a streamlined migration wizard that makes it simple to move any project from an HC-1000, HC-250 or HC-800 to the new EA Series controllers.

Control your smart home from your Apple Watch!
The Control4 iOS app now includes a native Watch app for controlling your smart home. The new app gives you quick and easy access to your home, right from your wrist. Control the audio or video playing in a room; enjoy quick access to your custom buttons, for the whole system or just one room; and activate a lighting scene or turn on only one light.