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NEW - Episode Kameleon 12x16 Invisible Speaker

Discover a speaker that virtually disappears into the customer’s wall while producing room-filling audio. Once installed, the Episode Kameleon Invisible Speaker can be covered with any finish the customer wants (even wallpaper!) to blend right in with the room’s décor – making it a perfect solution for the most demanding applications. Plus it’s built like a traditional loudspeaker, so it doesn't vibrate the wall around it to create sound like mounted transducers do. And for the finishing touch, we included a mounting template and spring-loaded brackets to allow for step-by-step installation.

  • KAMELEON_PowerofInvisibility
  • The Power of Invisibility
    If only the walls could talk… oh wait, now they can. This architectural speaker is perfect for the most discerning customers and interior designers who desire a quality, hidden performance. Once installed and covered to match, it becomes part of the wall – completely disappearing from sight.

  • Room-Filling Sound
  • This is not your ordinary invisible speaker. Unlike wall-shaking mounted transducers, it’s built like a traditional loudspeaker – with components like a magnet and voice coil, high-pass filter, full-range driver and more. It produces quality sound in a flat form factor that incorporates directly \

  • Installs Just About Anywhere
    Perfect for in-wall and in-ceiling applications, this speaker has a pressurized fiberglass sheet that acts as the diaphragm – making it resistant to cracking. It requires just under 3” of depth for mounting, and works with standard metal and wood studs, as well as 1/2” and 5/8” drywall – making it perfect for residential and commercial applications.
Overload Protection When using an installed product like this, we know that long-term reliability is key. In addition to using high-quality materials, there is also a self-resetting poly switch that prevents the speaker from ever coming close to over-driving. If the customer starts really cranking it, it will automatically disconnect the speaker until the volume returns to a safe level.