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Nest Thermostat Control4 Driver Now Available

The Nest Thermostat has become a very popular energy management tool with consumers. It's been featured in Wired magazine, The Wall Street Journal and Gizmodo to name just a few. Now you can integrate the Nest thermostat into Control4 systems

For those unfamiliar with the Nest thermostat, it's a new unit that has built-in software and an array of sensors which constantly adjust itself to automatically program an energy saving schedule based on your usage habits.

The Control4 driver allows you to integrate the Nest thermostat into your Control4 system and control it like you would any other thermostat.

You have the ability to:
  • Adjust heating and cooling temperature set points
  • Set system mode to heat, cool, auto or off
  • Change fan mode to Auto or On
  • Set the Hold mode
  • View the current temperature
  • View the current humidity and Leaf status (Available through the programming tab - Navigator does not provide a place to display on the GUI)
  • View HVAC state
  • View Fan state
  • Change the temperature scale from Fahrenheit to Celsius
  • All standard Control4 thermostat variables that map to the Nest functionality are available.