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Introducing new PodSpeakers MiniPod BT

Uniquely designed and a fully wireless standalone or stereo solution for music lovers that want to stand out from the crowd.

Podspeakers introduces new MiniPod BT MKII

The original MiniPod is one of the world’s most recognised loudspeakers, a true design icon, and the model that started it all for Podspeakers. Since first launch from B&W back in the 1990s, the MiniPod has set a benchmark for what can be achieved when moving away from conventional square box designs.


Play Music Wirelessly - Hi-Fi sound - Stereo Pairing

The new Minipod BT MKII is a perfect standalone Bluetooth speaker. However, with the latest Bluetooth technology the speaker can also be configured to comply with other ways of listening to music:

Add a Passive MiniPod MKIV together with MiniPod BT MKII to create a perfect and simple stereo setup
Use two Minipod BT MKIIs together and create a fully wireless stereo setup with the integrated True wireless technology

Uniquely shaped and with flexible features and great sound performance, the MiniPod BT MKII is perfectly designed for impassioned design and music lovers.