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Introducing SONOS BOOST

Tiny accessory. Big wireless performance

Sonos’s latest product is another break-through innovation in wireless technology. Literally. BOOST delivers powerful wireless performance to overcome the thickest walls and greatest distances. BOOST will be available October 14 2014.

Last month, Sonos launched a software update that makes installing Sonos players easier than ever. A wired connection to your router is no longer needed. All you have to do is place a Sonos speaker in range of the WiFi router and you’re good to go. Same reliable wireless performance, even simpler setup.

In homes where extra wireless support is needed, just add BOOST to extend the dedicated Sonos network to even the most remote corners of the home. BOOST gets rid of interference while increasing range. Stream, surf and game without missing a beat - even in homes that are known to have wireless connectivity problems.

Nothing changes for existing customers using a BRIDGE or another wired Sonos speaker to the WiFi router. They are already benefitting from a dedicated Sonos network and won’t have to change a thing.

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