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TruAudio SLIM Powered Soundbar w/ Bluetooth

SLIM-PWR-44’s clean design and less than 3” depth allows you to match the flattest flatscreens. The internal amp provides you with optical digital coax and analog inputs—get the audio source right from the TV with less wiring and hassle. Bluetooth capable, wireless, and sub output with receiver! (remote included)
With TruAudio’s SLIM-PWR44 television comes alive. Hear the lows your TV has never produced before. Music plays loud and deep and with Bluetooth 4.0 AptX it’s easier than ever to play your favourite tunes with TruAudio sound. With this soundbar a subwoofer is optional, but comes with a built in wireless transmitter to take your bass even lower. Add any of TruAudio’s subs to bring the house down.)

The soundbar is easy to use and works out of the box with volume commands from most major TV manufacturers’ remotes. The sleek brushed aluminum body is an accent to any TV and at just 2.9” deep you can pair it with the thinnest of TVs. An IR input on the back keeps installs clean. Use the SLIM-TVB to mount to any of TruAudio’s Flex TV mounts. Remote is included, pairs with W-RX for wireless sub.

  • Deep extended bass
  • Wall to grill depth of 2.9”
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with AptX
  • Pair with up to 8 W-RX receivers for wireless subs
  • Volume works with most major TV remotes
  • Great for videos or music