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New Chordette QuteHD Ultra-High Resolution DAC

State-of-the-art DAC with 384kHz and DSD Capability The QuteHD is a 384kHz-capable, multiple-input, asynchronous USB DAC which offers a range of proprietary technologies taken from Chord's acclaimed reference DAC the QBD76. The QuteHD boasts a groundbreaking sonic performance, custom DA conversion technology and cutting-edge DSD-over-USB functionality.
The QuteHD will play: 32 bit 192 kHz files including DSD over its USB input, 24 bit 384 kHz files over Coax, and 24 bit 192 kHz files via its Optical input.

The QuteHD is incredibly easy to use; connect all three inputs and the Qute will automatically switch inputs when you press Play. With it's ease of use, state-of-the-art high resolution, DSD-over-USB capability and ground-breaking QBD76 DAC technology, the new QuteHD offers an unbeatable value proposition at just $1,795.

"Jitter is exquisitely low at <10psec for all sample rates... Chord has set the cat among the pigeons with this affordable but capable and fine-sounding DAC and has produced a DAC that will meet most audiophiles' needs while delighting them with sound that belies the keen price. The QuteHD should be heard by anyone looking for a DAC at around $1,700 that sounds as if it should cost a great deal more."
- Hi-Fi News, Outstanding Product Award, September 2012.