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Digital Signage for Gym, Rec Clubs and Fitness Centers

What have your in-house big screens done for you lately?

An Arbitron study found that 70% of health club members watch nearly 40 minutes of programming per visit. With Digital Signage Systems they could be watching 40 minutes of the information YOU want to promote, in high definition!

  • Promote retail products (energy drinks, fitness wear)
  • Publicize exercise/workout classes (Pilates, Yoga, Aquatics) and schedules
  • Highlight membership specials, new services and programs
  • Display vendor ads to earn advertising subsidies

Digitally-displayed ads can help promote products that are for sale in the club's Pro Shop or juice bar, and can put membership renewal specials right in front of your members. These ads can also deliver an attractive profit margin for your business with valuable advertising revenue from local and national advertisers. Your Digital Signage System could very quickly pay for itself.


YOU decide the content. YOU schedule the content to capitalize on high-traffic areas or busy times at your fitness facility. YOU determine the content display sequence.

  • Show different videos or slideshows at different times--all pre-configured!
  • Intersperse workout tips with vendor ads and retail promotions
  • Play music, display slideshows or announcements- for enhancing member experience

The content and scheduling is only limited by your imagination. Your slide shows, ads, videos, music, and more can be configured in an almost infinite number of ways through the simple, remote-controlled interface.