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Pakedge introduces the PDU-RM8 Modem/Router Boot Sequence Power Distribution Unit with Remote Power Cycling and Monitoring

The Pakedge PDU-RM8 modem/router power distribution unit gives you unprecedented convenience and control, including full remote control of on/off sequencing to power-up and shut down sensitive equipment in the proper sequence, and avoid power flooding at startup. Out of the box, the PDU-RM8 is pre-labeled for easy installation. Just plug in the modem, router and switches into the pre-labeled outlets, and you are ready to go.

Use the secure, browser-based built-in GUI to remotely configure, monitor, and operate the individual PDUs in your network. Power Management (on/off, recycle, reboot, sequenced startup/shutdown of multiple PDUs). Security (remote lockdown, PDU IP addressing, secure encrypted connection to Web management GUI). Remote Monitoring (power usage, temperature). Alerts (fully configurable visual, audible, and/or email alerts of power/temperature and other events, including impending overloads – with full logging).

Key Benefits:
  • Configurable Power-up and Shutdown. Configure PDUs to power on/off in the proper startup/shutdown sequence required by dependent hardware, and protect sensitive equipment against power flooding.
    • Secure Network Control. Configure the following features for each PDU through the secure, Web-based interface, or by SNMP: switch on/off, recycle, lock power (to prevent unauthorized power-ons), reboot unresponsive network hardware. The PDU-RM8 is fully IP-addressable using the built-in secure Web interface.
    • Web-based Monitoring. Monitor power usage and environmental temperature of each PDU in real time, with a true-digital RMS current meter.
    • Configurable Alerts. Define visual, audible, and email alarms, including alerts of impending overloads, with full logging.
    • Industrial Housing. The PDU-RM8 housing is heavy-duty steel in a rackmount-ready 1U form factor.