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Seura: From zero to hero

By Seura: Séura technology opens project opportunity for Osbee Industries, Inc.

It is rare that a homeowner comes to an integrator for help with a room that they never use — an integrator’s blank canvas. That’s exactly what happened to the team at Osbee Industries, Inc. in New York.
Several years ago, the renovation of a 12,000 square foot residence was a wild success and included lighting design and control. But the homeowners had a formal living room left untouched. They recently looked to Osbee Industries, Inc. to transform it into a space they could use.
The Challenge
The customer wanted a television but needed to maintain the formal design of the space.

The Solution
Dave Raines, president of Osbee Industries, Inc., suggested a Séura television mirror for above the fireplace. The suggestion prompted an entire redesign including lighting, audio, and contemporary furnishings. The engineers at Osbee worked with the interior designer to create lighting and shade control that would make the room function as beautifully as it was designed.

The Result
The grand 80” x 50” television mirror with 65” LCD was recessed into the wall for a flush, sleek installation. It satisfied both the designer and homeowner, while giving Osbee the opportunity to bring technologies into the room.

The resulting space is a beautiful one – a supreme example of integrators, interior designers, and homeowners working together.