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Introducing the New SilverStar SSX

New SilverStar SSX

SilverStar™ SSX a sleek rigid screen with an ultra slim frame formulated from Vutec's award winning patented SilverStar technology. Delivering the ultimate in picture quality, vivid colors, high contrast, and a wide viewing area. SilverStar™ SSX gives the perception of a modern appearance for today's theater enthusiast. By setting the industry standard and maximizing the projected image, SilverStar SSX is offered in all screen.

Vutec's new SilverStar SSX LED Edge Lighting System maximizes the true picture by establishing a reference point, creating a color base line that helps the human visual system (HVS) perceive true color. This system provides a softened light halo reducing eye fatigue, making the projected image more pleasurable to experience. SilverStar patented technology recreates true colors from your projection system and overcomes ambient light. Your SilverStar SSX now becomes a visual center piece.

  • 3D-A + 2D + HD in one screen
  • High Contrast
  • Vivid Colors
  • Superior ambient light rejection
  • Wide viewing area
  • Outstanding color reproduction
  • Ultra thin black finished frame
  • Rigid Surface
  • Screen is fully assembled and crated for shipping
  • Custom sizes and formats available
  • Also available in 1:1 & 2.40:1 formats
  • 1 year warranty