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The Wadia 171 iPod/iPhone/iPad Transport is finally available!

The 171 iTransport is the first certified “Works with iPhone” dock to offer pure, bit-perfect digital output allowing the revered smartphone and iPad to perform as high-end media servers. Wadia’s 171 iTransport builds on the award winning success of the original 170iTransport by adding “Works with iPhone” compatibility, and iPad connectivity. Significant refinements to the original design include high performance power supply components, advanced clocking circuitry, premium grade circuit boards, two digital outputs, and a feature rich remote control.

Obtain the full musical benefit out of your portable music collections. With the great user interface and highly refined digital audio technologies, the 171iTransport is the perfect marriage between convenience and performance.

The 171iTransport is proof of Wadia Digital’s dedication to continual refinement of digital audio technologies. Wadia engineers targeted key circuit level upgrades as critical to improving digital output performance. Equally important is the human interface experience and the 171iTransport includes a power indicator light, and robust remote control that offers convenient navigation through Playlists and Albums.

• True Bit-Perfect Audio Output
• Co-axial and Toslink Optical Digital Outputs
• High Resolution Component Video Output
• Improved Power Supply Components
• Improved Clocking Circuitry
• Audiophile Output Grade Connectors
• iPhone and iPad Digital Interface Cable
• Cast Aluminum Chassis