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What is Smart Home Control? Control4 Automation Systems Explained

What is home control and why the buzz?

Home control is pretty simple. It's taking the technology that already exists in the home and making it work simply and easily for the people who have to live with that technology, which is you the homeowner. Let's face it life has become complex. We bring this electronic gadgetry into our homes with the hope of enhancing our lifestyle and what it leads to is frustration. You're sitting there with the goal of watching a movie, you've got 5 remotes now sitting in front of you and now you have to figure out which sequence of events you need to do in order to just watch a simple movie.

At Control4, we have a simple philosophy... Life's better when everything works together... and that's what you get with a home control system from Control4. We simplify your life. You can control any device from any screen and any device within the home itself.

Let's take for example that movie watching experience. We'll replace all those 5 remote controls with a single remote control which will enable you to watch a movie very simply and easily. We can also be able to control our home from an on-screen interface from touch panels and even from mobile devices like your iPad or your iPhone. HVAC, lighting control, watching movies and television... all simply an easily. That is home control.