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Introducing WiPNET from Wi3 - High Speed Ethernet Connections Over Existing Coax Cables

This revolutionary RetroFit product distributes Internet over existing coax, throughout a home. In its current release, WiPNET provides two wired network ports, at up to 16 CATV/Antenna TV locations.

Movies, movies, and more movies! You need two things to watch Netflix on your TV...

First: You'll need the electronics, IPTV, GoogleTV, AppleTV, X-Box, or Roku to name just a few.

Second: You'll need a solid hard wired Internet connection at your TV to deliver the bandwidth required for high resolution & HD movies, fast.

If you don’t have a cat5 wired connection already behind your TV or streaming device but have a coax cable than Wi3 can deliver a solid internet connection on existing TV cables.

Today there are hundreds of consumer electronic devices that work wirelessly. From the old laptop to the new iPad, Xbox gaming, and Smart phones. The problem is existing wireless networks weren't designed to manage the high bandwidth services being offered today.

More devices, more connections, more problems.

Solution: A solid WiFi network that has guaranteed quality of service (QoS) that supports multiple hot spots, and multiple devices simultaneously.

Wi3 delivers the best WiFi coverage using existing TV cables.

MoCA Version:
MoCA 1.1
Network Center
Frequency Range:
800 to 1500 MHz
Network Size:
Maximum of 16 Wi3Ports
RF Network Interface:
F-Type Connector – 75 Ω
Link Conditions:
Min Attenuation
10 dB Min
Max Attenuation
50 dB Max
Max Attenuation
>30 Mbps
68 dB Max
Link Delay:
Typical 3.5 ms
Max 9 ms
RJ45 Connector
IEEE 802.3X, 100M Fast Ethernet
Typical Coverage
Max of 300 ft of cable between
Connecting Devices
Data Rate
Fast Ethernet
WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n
Dual Band
2.4 & 5GHz Concurrent
WPS – WiFi Protected Setup – PIN, PBC
(Easy Setup)
Traffic Prioritization
WMM – WiFi Multimedia
Typical Coverage
In-Room Cluster Distances < 100 ft
for Max Performance
Data Rate
300Mbps PHY Rate
Local Power (Retail)
5V, 1.5A Power Adapter
Power Over Coax (Installer)
4 Port Power Inserter – 24v, 3A Power Adapter
Power Consumption
< 5 Watts per Port
Ambient Temperature Range
Operating Humidity
10% ~ 95%
In-Wall Sleeve:
Sized for Single Gang Opening
Cartridge Choices:
2 RJ45 Jacks & CATV F Connector
WiFi Access Point
1 RJ45 Jack & CATV F Connector