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System Takeover

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At Digital Smart Homes we also specialize in rescuing your smart home. Our expertise extends to system takeovers, a crucial service when your existing automation system isn't meeting expectations. Clients turn to us when they need a seamless transition and expert care for systems that may have been neglected. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth takeover, rejuvenating your smart home experience to meet the standards of excellence you deserve. Trust Digital Smart Homes to bring new life to your automation system, delivering the service and performance you've been missing.

Audio Video Installations

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We offer seamless TV installations, immersive home theatre setups, and pre-wiring services for new constructions. Elevate your space with cutting-edge technology and enjoy unparalleled audio-visual excellence tailored to your lifestyle. Whether it's a sleek TV display, a state-of-the-art home theatre, or the foundation for a smart home in new construction, we bring innovation and precision to every installation, ensuring your entertainment space is as extraordinary as your imagination
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Remote Management
We offer exceptional client support with our advanced Remote Monitoring solution, designed to proactively manage Smart Home systems. In the fast-paced world of technology, unforeseen events such as power outages or ISP service interruptions can disrupt your network within a mere 24 hours. However, with every device seamlessly linked to our Remote Management platform - OvrC, our clients can enjoy uninterrupted days, free from the inconvenience of unexpected service calls.

At Digital Smart Homes, we take the lead in restoring peace of mind. When any of our customer's devices experience downtime, OvrC springs into action autonomously, efficiently bringing the system back online without necessitating your direct involvement. But that's not all – OvrC goes a step further by sending us detailed alerts, keeping us informed of any activity in real time. This foresight allows us to make proactive changes and adjustments, ensuring that potential issues are addressed before they impact our client's experience.

In essence, OvrC's Remote Monitoring isn't just about fixing problems; it's about staying ahead of them. With this cutting-edge solution, we can provide world-class service from any corner of the globe, making inconvenient service calls a thing of the past. We elevate our client support with OvrC, where proactive management meets uninterrupted service for the ultimate Smart Home experience